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How much Sun do Alocasia Macrorrhiza need?

They really like the Eastern Sun Rise. With Alocasia plants on the South East side
of your home, they are sure to get the proper Sun exposure.


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Growing Alocasia Macrorrhiza to record size will require you to put them in Direct Sun light.

If water is a problem, put your Alocasia Macrorrhiza in Shade or the cooler morning (direct) Sunlight, shaded by your home or trees from the hotter afternoon Sun exposure.

Well watered Alocasia Macrorrhiza plants like Sun exposure much better than being in shaded areas. If you want to keep them smaller in size or if water is a problem, then put them in a shady area. I keep my Alocasia watered every other day or so and they are in a 100 percent organic mulch growing media.CLICK HERE to learn more about Organic Growing Beds.

A word of caution, if you can not keep them watered and in loose organic soil, or if you can not plant until late in the Summer, then plant your Alocasia in the shade. Move them next spring to where you want them. Planting Alocasia Macrorrhiza in the late Summer months will cause the plant leaves to burn. The burned leaves will need to be cut off and new fresh leaves will eventually push out of the center of the plant and the new leaves will do better. Like most all plants, it is best to plant on a cloudy day or in the late evening after the Sun has set.

Even in the shade you will experience dry burning leaves if the air temperatures rise above about 95 degrees. Here in Arkansas the temperatures were record breaking, upwards to 108 degrees and I had several plants with burned leaves. If you experience temperatures like that, it is best to cut back the oldest leaves to reduce the plant transparation and help conserve any moisture within the plant.

Cutting the leaves back from time to time is good for the plant. Keeping the older leaves cut back helps keep your plants looking hardy and very attractive. Always wear a pair of rubber gloves when cutting Alocasia Macrorrhiza leaves off the plant. If you happen to get some of the plant juices on your hands, arms, or face, wash it off as quickly as you can. Some people have reported being alergic to the juice of Alocasia Macrorrhiza plants.

When should I plant Uprights into the ground?

Here (in Zone-7) I plant Alocasia Macrorrhiza about mid April each year. I grow Alocasia through the winter in a Greenhouse environment and every spring I take some for my own use and plant them. You may only have tubers to plant. You can plant the bulb at any time, just keep it somewhat moist to dry, but do not let the bulb freeze.

Plant your Alocasia after your last expected frost. Frost will damage the leaves, but will not kill your bulb. So if you do plant early and frost bites the green leaves, don't worry, cut the leaves back and watch for a new leaves to sprout from the center of the bulb, one at a time. If a hard frost hits your plant and turns the top portion to "mush", then look for the bulb to push out new plants from the side of the bulb.

Since I grow my Upees in the Greenhouse, I have them containerized. I remove them from the Greenhouse environment and put them into the ground (still in their containers) about the first week in April. I put potting media around the base of the plant to hide the container. That way I have early use of my plants in the landscape, full of Ears, and can pull them up if frost heads my way.

Remember, I said to wait til mid April in zone 7. as a frost free time.
Its at that time (mid April) that I pull up the containerized Upees and remove the plant from the container and put it right back into the same hole it came from (or relocate it as you may desire).

Where around my home should I plant my Alocasia Macrorrhiza?

Plant the ones that you want to grow the largest, on the south side of your home. There they get full morning sun and right up thru the after noon. Over time and depending on the size of your bulb, you will find your growth to reach impressive heights and leaf size. If you want the smaller growth, then put them in full shade.

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